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WWE supercard season 9 🔥


Looking for news about wwe supercard season 9? We are going to leave you all information for new season on November 2022. WWE Supercard Season 9 arrives with three new tiers: Octane, Extinction and Pixel. Continue reading to know how redeem new cards.


    WWE supercard SEASON 9 Release Date

    The popular card battle game for Android and iOS, WWE Supercard, gets its new season today, with three new tiers and a stack of new features.

    Our annual Seasonal Update will be available after our scheduled maintenance break at 9:00 AM PST. Updates in the last few years have taken at least a few hours, so I would expect the same.The app itself may also need to be updated (if your phone/tablet doesn’t update automatically) as some major changes to the game are imminent.

    At we were the first to announce wwe supercard season 9 release date as you could see in our featured article on wwe supercard.

    To new contenders and seasoned Legends, the ring awaits in WWE® SuperCard Season 9!* 2K today announced a thrilling new era of the collectible card-battling game from Cat Daddy Games is available now as a free downloadable update on the Apple App Store for iOS devices; the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android™ devices; and Facebook Gaming.

    wwe supercard all cards season 9

    Three new card tiers – Octane, Extinction and Pixel – add more than 200 cards in WWE SuperCard Season 9 for players to unlock and advance.

    The three new stages are Octane, Extinction, and Pixel, and Season 9 also introduces new game modes.Tables, ladders and chairs (TLC). Challenge your opponent to find his three different game pieces (table, ladder and chair) before he finds your piece.Also included is commentary from WWE host Michael Cole, new special gear that grants additional stat boosts to certain cards, and an announcer card to further customize your play.

    WWE supercard season 9 rewards

    Watch Parties are back and you can earn rewards for making correct predictions during actual WWE Live Events. However, if there is something like last season, it may be difficult for people from the UK and Europe to participate due to the time difference.WWE Supercard is a free to download and play game. Requires iOS 12 or Android 5 or higher to run. Faster devices can run the game at up to 60 fps.

    WWE supercard store

    You can buy wwe supercard cards in the office online store. Credit PACKS and Special offers only available in the official wwe supercard store.

    F. A. Q. Frequently Asked Questions

    How many card tiers are there in wwe supercard season 9?

    There are Three new card tiers in wwe supercard season 9. – Octane, Extinction and Pixel.

    What is the release date for wwe supercard season 9?

    The yearly season update will be available will be available later after a planned maintenance break starting at 9am PST (US East Coast time) on November 16, 2022. Previous years updates have taken at least a couple of hours to complete, so we expect the same again.

    How can I update to wwe supercard season 9?

    You will likely also have to update the app itself (if your phone/tablet doesn’t do it automatically) as there are some key changes coming to the wwe supercard game season 9.

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