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WWE supercard qr codes season 8 🔥 100% Working


Looking for wwe supercard qr codes season 8? We are going to leave you some codes for WWE supercard. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the latest codes that you can scan below to get some free goodies. We will update new qr codes WWE supercard  as often as there. In this guide you can get lots of free rewards with our guide to WWE SuperCard QR codes and how they work. Continue reading to know how redeem them.


    WWE SuperCard QR codes season 8

    Below you can find all the WWE SuperCard QR codes currently available. To redeem them, there are two methods:

    1st method to redeem WWE Supercard code:

    • Tap on the QR code and take a screenshot
    • Launch WWE SuperCard
    • Open the options menu and press the QR scanner button
    • Upload the photo

    2nd method to redeem WWE Supercard code:

    • Follow the first three steps above on your phone
    • On a laptop or tablet, open this webpage
    • Scan the QR code directly using your phone’s camera

    Last checked for QR codes on July:

    WWE SuperCard QR codes July

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    What are WWE SuperCard QR codes?

    WWE SuperCard QR codes are little black and white fuzzy boxes that can get you in game rewards and free wrestlers. More may crop up over time, so be sure to check back here often.

    How do I redeem WWE SuperCard QR codes?

    Just follow these easy steps:
    Boot up WWE SuperCard on your phone.
    Open up the settings menu
    Press the QR scanner button
    Either upload one of the above photos or take a picture of it
    Enjoy the free stuff!